We ❤ Van Water

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

― Loren Eiseley

Our Waters

There's nothing like a cold glass of water on a hot afternoon. The sensation of the refreshing liquid on your tongue, your palate and the back of your throat focuses the mind to the exclusion of everything else. It may well bring a tear to your eye. As your thirst gradually slakes in a long glacial guzzle, your taste buds awaken to a new level of sensual pleasure – the clear, natural glaciated buzz! And it’s so simple. Try adding a splash of lemon or lime, cranberry or pomegranate. Experiment with quenching. Redefine aqua vitae.

We Van© bottled waters are a natural product, straight from the source, and meet all CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) requirements.

We ❤ Van© water comes in two varieties: 100% pure Glacial Water and 100% pure Spring Water.

Glacial Water 2L

Alternatively, the 2L bottle commands tables at parties, business meetings, or the family mealtime. You can pour the glacial water into glasses to quench your thirst on a hot day.


Spring Water 1L

Spring Water comes in two convenient sizes, 1L and a half liter. The 1L bottle is small enough to fit into your bike holder, yet large enough to share around a small group.

Spring Water 500ml

The half-liter bottle is ideal for your lunchbox, glove compartment, and knapsack and contains enough Spring Water to satisfy a thirsty couple on a hot afternoon.


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